Gantz Threatens to Wage a War on Gaza

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  • 10:42 - 4 September 2012

Gaza, ( --- Israeli Army Chief Benny Gantz threatened the besieged gaza strip with a waging severe war on Monday night.

Gantz said in celebration for Israeli Givati ​​Brigade that  "Israeli army is ready to wage a war on several fronts including Gaza where homemade projectiles are fired on israeli settlement.''

He added: "It is not just military among us  who know what to do  in war, we must not put the sword in its sheath, let's see what is next, less than 20 km separate us from those who want to hurt Israel (the Gaza Strip).''

Israeli occupation forces bomb gaza from time to time leaving palestinian citezens killed and causing large damage in properties.

Palestinian freedom fighters launch homemade projectiles in resoponse to israeli bombing by tanks and If-16 warplanes raids.


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