Hamas: Switzerlad Decision Comes in Right Order

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  • 17:12 - 4 February 2012

Gaza, (Alresalah.ps)--Hamas considered Switzerland’s decision to remove it from the list of terrorist organizations in the right direction, calling on the rest of the Western countries to trace such a step and to recognize Hamas’s legitimacy.

The movement’s spokesman Fawzi Barhoum stated to (Alresalah.ps) that "the decision reflects the Israeli occupation’s true image and Hamas’s clear policy of defending the Palestinian rights that the occupation deprives them of”.

"The Israeli Media has been dangerously misleading the Western public opinion on the Palestinian cause and Hamas movement in particular”, he added.

It’s noteworthy that Hamas MP Musheir Al-Masri recently revealed Switzerland’s decision to lift “terrorist label” on his movement and to allow Swiss institutions to cooperate with the Palestinian government in the Gaza Strip in order to implement activities and projects including the training of cadres of various ministries.




Its a great decision by Swiss Govt that accepted the rights of Palestinians to fight against the Terrorist activities of the pseudo-nation Israel

2012-02-07 11:05

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