Abu Muhammad family suffocated by rent, debt, poverty

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  • 11:50 - 11 February 2012

Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)-- As it is one of many families , who badly affected by the Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza strip since over 6 years, Abu Muhammad family still has a hope, not to have a wide house to live in , or to have source of income , but to get rid of debts and rent of the bedrooms they are living in now.

Accumulated debts cause Abu Mohammed so much concern. The owner of bedrooms threatens to chase him if he does not pay the rent of the home he lives in.

'' what shall I do . I get no income source. None give me anything . I could hardly get the living of my family through support and help of whom I asked for help. Really , life is so tough'' Abu Mohammed said in cracked voice.

Abu Mohammed used to work as a tailor, but he lost his job since the factory was closed because of the siege , which banned clothe to get to it.


Father did not give up. He bought a small cart and began selling  house tools . however, his work failed due to the large debts and rent he has to pay , beside the income he used to get from this work was so little.

The pain was prevailing the modest poor house, which consists of two rooms, one is specified for  six children , while the another is for the man and his wife.

The room of kids was containing nothing except some old bedding , through which they sleep. Old and pale walls of their room reflects  the world of childhood in which they live.


Umm Mohammed said they are so tired of traveling across homes of .  "really, we are tired of the transfer from home to home. Weather is  cold and winter is hard . the children are always sick of our poor circumstances'' she said sadly and painfully.


How painful it is, when a father stand before his kids , they call him for sweet or new clothes to wear when going to school like other children , but he could do nothing to achieve some of their needs.


With lighting in and joy eyes she looked at us. The little  girl Fatima  moved to room , bringing  her school bag and said'' this is my new school bag. My father bought it to me. My friends in the school stopped laughing on me now.''

'' I wish to have a work to support my family and meet my children needs. As you see, we have nothing . even the owner of home stress on us to pay or leave. May allah help us '', these were the last words abu mohammed said in our short dialogue with him and his family.

They hope, but their dream still has nothing to do with reality. But hope never vanish . may some one help oneday and make them get rid of their miserable situation.



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