For no electricity in Gaza..80% of patients at death risk

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  • 11:47 - 15 February 2012

Gaza,( Exclusive--The Ministry of Health in Gaza warned that health situation of Gazan patients is getting worse due to the lack of electricity in hospitals  of the besieged Gaza Strip.

Dr. Ashraf Al-qidra , the director of Public Relations and Information Department at the Ministry, said  in a statement to "Alresalah Paper" that "More than 80% of patients in the Gaza Strip are threatened to terrible health status and possibility of death due to lack of electricity.''

Al-qidra said that some 404 of dialysis patients are at risk of death for their treatment is totally based on electricity, beside there are 100 children existed in special care are threatened to death .

He pointed out that 72% of the diesel spare storage has just run out from Gaza hospitals, indicating that Gaza hospitals will be in a complete paralysis in case of not provided with more fuel.

Al-qidra called on all meant parties to take action regarding the suffocating crisis the Gaza strip passes , stressing on the Egyptian side to supply the Gaza strip with electricity as soon as possible.





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