CMWU in Gaza: Power Cuts Threaten Water Supply and Health Service

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  • 12:00 - 16 February 2012

Gaza, ( of CMWU Mundher Shiblak warned that if the crisis of power cuts is not going to be defused, the utility then will not be able to supply Gaza citizens with sufficient water amounts.

The utility said Wednesday in a statement that "although the wells and pumping stations operate non-stop during the power cuts, there is a contradiction between the schedules of water and electricity distribution in the different regions. Therefore, even a short-term prospect for solving such a crisis is perishing”.

In this context, Ministry of Health warned of the gravity of the ongoing power cuts in light of its acute lack of fuels for Gaza hospitals to provide with; that its fuel deficit ballooned to 72%.

Such critical shortage comes in light of an electricity crisis in the air resulting in the hospitals and health care centers’ severe need for fuels to run their generators.

In turn, Bassam Barhoum, Director General of Supply Stores Department in the ministry of health said “consumption rate of fuel per hour for Gaza hospitals was 815 liters”.

The ministry called upon the international community and human rights organizations for urgent actions to provide the necessary quantities of fuel to save the lives of patients in Gaza hospitals in the Strip.


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