Hundreds Protest over UNRWA Aid Cuts

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  • 12:12 - 3 March 2012

Gaza, ( of protesters against the performance of the refugee relief agency appealed to put pressure on the UN to undo the aid cuts to the refugees; the needy in particular.

During a sit-in they voiced "it's not our fault we suffer out of a decline in the support pledged by the donor to UNRWA”.

Mazen Abu Zaid, speaker for Refugees Public Committee in Gaza considered that “the refugees are bearing the brunt of the UN cuts and thus going to face grinding poverty”.

He added that “the aid cuts give a political dimension to the question of refugees in that the Palestinian people with their leadership are being intrigued to have their state bid for UN recognition thwarted".

Secretary of the Refugees Committee in Khan Younis Adnan Assar called on the UNRWA’s donor countries to commit to the Palestinian entitlements for aids.

At the end of the sit-in, some aged refugees, mayors, and leaders of the Palestinian colors sent a complaining letter to the UNRWA Commissioner-General in Gaza Filippo Grandi to undo the recent cuts and to level up the provisions for the Palestinians.

UNRWA relief and social services program (RSS) was to have announced that it will discontinue support of supplementary assistance to the families living below the poverty line and its inability to pay for the provisions relating to financial assistance.


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