MP: March to Jerusalem will be non-violent

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  • 20:16 - 26 March 2012

Gaza, ( lawmaker and chairman of the Jerusalem committee in the PLC Ahmed Abu Halabia said “the Global march to Jerusalem which is scheduled to be launched next Friday will be “nonviolent.”

“The march is aimed to send a message to the Israeli occupation that the Palestinian people will not allow Israel to carry on its violations against its holy sites."

Abu Halabia revealed on Monday morning in press release to “the masses will start from all the governorates of the Gaza Strip on Friday afternoon heading to the northern Gaza Strip where they will be spoken to.”

He called on Gaza citizens to participate in the coming wide marches.

It should be noted that Israel sent a threatening letters to all of its Arab neighboring countries that “it would fiercely fight demonstrators in case approached the border area on the anniversary of Earth Day.”


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