Calmness linked to Israeli economic facilitation in Gaza

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  • 12:27 - 24 October 2014

GAZA CITY ( --  Israel announced a number of facilities for the Gaza Strip in the aftermath of the last Israeli offensive. Specialists confirmed in separate interviews that the economic facilities, Israel intends to implement, aim at weakening the Palestinian resistance and preventing the imminent explosion concerning the people of the Gaza Strip, who have been living under blockade since 2006.

Dr. Nafez Abu Bakr, an economic expert, said that the economic facilities, announced by Israel, is for media only and have not been implemented on the ground.

"Israel facilitates some measures,for it aims to improve its image before the world, since Gaza has gained sympathy of the international solidarity movements, " said Abu Bakr. "Still,  Palestinian labor force is much cheaper than the foreign labor force, leave alone being able to get blackmail the Palestinian labors to get new security information about the Gaza Strip," added he.

He stressed that lifting the siege of Gaza must secure a safe passage between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, leave alone building a seaport that would connect Gaza to the outside world, pointing out that facilities mean that the citizens of the coastal enclave must feel that their conditions changed for the better.

Gaza relies economically almost entirely on Israel. Most of the goods are exported from Israel.

Facilitation measure and confrontation

Chief of Staff of Israeli Army Benny Gantz stated that the results of the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip will probably achieve calm for many years, so as Israel ease the economic measure imposed on the people of the Gaza Strip.

"Calmness depends on what would be provided by Israel to the Gaza Strip," said Gantz.

Facilitations part of agreement

Political analyst Mustafa Sawaf said that the facilitations are part of the agreement, signed between Israel and the Palestinian resistance, which conditioned imposd that Israel must lift the blockade on the Gaza Strip, but Israel never committed to this stipulation.

Sawaf predicted that Israel will be committed to a reasonable extent of the stipulations  mentioned in the ceasefire agreement, but it  will deny a number of these conditions.

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