Third intifada looming in occupied Jerusalem

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  • 13:33 - 25 October 2014

Occupied Jerusalem ( -- Jerusalem has been subject to the Israeli aggressions; no day passes without breaking into the Al-Aqsa Mosque, or expelling a Palestinian family, or demolishing a Palestinian house. There are possibilities that a third Palestinian Intifada may erupt soon.

Jerusalem has witnessed serious confrontations recently due to the ongoing Israeli violations like kidnapping Palestinian children and killing them, and executing Abudl Rahaman al-Shlwdi, 20, from zero distance.

Statistics of Israeli Violations

Islamic-Christian Committee in Jerusalem reported that the Israeli occupation detained 700 Palestinians from Jerusalem, built 3,000 settling units since the beginning of 2014 and denying Palestinians access to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Israel uprooted over 500 graves in the Islamic cemetries, and closed all the doors of the Al-Aqsa Mosque for the second time since it was first occupied in 1967.

Israel released over 550 demolishing orders to evacuate houses in Shufaat, Sheikh Jarrah and Al-Esawyyah Neighbourhoods.

The ongoing Israeli violations pushed towards the last confrontations between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian leaderships warned that the situation in Jerusalem is about to explode, and a 3rd Palestinian intifada is looming.

Raed Salah, head of Islamic Movement inside the Green Line, confirmed that Jerusalem is about to explode, and a 3rd Palestinian intifada is about to break out, and no one can stop it.


Palestinian resistance factions warned that Israel will pay heavy price, if its policies continue. Hamas said that Israel will not be capable to leash the reaction of the Palestinian people.

Husam Badran, seinor leader of Hamas, stated that Jerusalem will witness a real intifada, if the Israeli policies continue.


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