Hamas re-approaches with Dahlan, provokes Abbas

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  • 14:43 - 27 October 2014

GAZA CITY (Alresalah.ps) -- Islamic Resistance Movement of Hamas insinuated that relations may be revived with the Fatah-expelled leader Mohammed Dahlan – a move which came as a warning message to the PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

There were meetings held between the two sides in earlier times. Analysts believe that Hamas is practicing pressure on Abbas, since Dahlan does not have the legitimacy, and cannot be a substitute for Abbas, who is internationally recognized as the legitimate president of the PA.

Politics, which has no stabilities, may push Hamas to deal with Dahlan for the public interest, especially in light of his external relations with Egypt, the UAE and many countries.

Dr. Salah Bardawil, a Hamas leader, confirmed that his movement does not mind talking with Dahlan, after the completion of community reconciliation, and said that "The problem with Dahlan could be solved within the community reconciliation".

Yehia Moussa, a Hamas leader and a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, said that Hamas "does not mind talking with any Palestinian, no matter how his past was in favor of the Palestinian Cause". He explained that "the past of Dahlan is better than the present of Abbas, who criticizes the resistance, which protected the Palestinian people."

The previous statements certainly provoked Abbas, especially that "a mass wedding" was held in Gaza earlier being funded by Dahlan. Abbas was angry and he complained to Qatar.

Political analyst Talal Okal said that politics has no consistency, since there are no long-lasting enemies or friends.

Still, Okal believes that Dahlan is not a substitute for Abbas, who is considered as the head of Fatah and the PLO, adding that the rapprochement between Hamas and Dahlan does not solve the problems facing the movement.

Hamas may be compelled to deal with other people away from Abbas in the coming period, even though he has the legitimacy of presidency worldwide.



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