IRC Condemns Israeli Deny to Allow Int'l commission of Inquiry into Gaza

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  • 20:01 - 13 November 2014

Gaza,(—International Relations Council IRC  Condemned the Israeli position not to allow  the UN Human Rights Council investigation commission into  the Gaza Strip to investigate the  crimes Israeli occupation committed in the last offensive against the Gaza Strip.

IRC   demanded in a statement on Thursday  the international community and the UN human rights council as well as  the Secretary General of the United Nations to pressurize the Israeli occupation in order to allow the UN inquiry  Commission into the Gaza Strip and closely conduct the meant investigation .

IRC  also called on the world nations to explicitly denounce Israel's  prevention of the inquiry Commission to  initiate it's work , noting that Israeli position  confirms the horrible massacres  the Israeli occupation forces committed against the Palestinian people during the 51-day Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip .

 IRC added that an independent and unbiased  professional inquiry could not be conducted without having  the UN Commission in the Gaza Strip.

Moreover, IRC called on the Palestinian Authority  to join the international conventions  including the Rome Statute in order to prosecute Israeli  war criminals .

The United Nations  Human Rights Council issued on July 23, 2014   a resolution to form  an international independent commission of inquiry to investigate all violations of international humanitarian law that happened  in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including Jerusalem and  the Gaza Strip  in the last Israeli offensive on the Gaza strip.




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