Qassam: Reconstruction Obstruction to Be the Spark of a New Explosion

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  • 21:01 - 13 November 2014

Gaza,(— Qassam  Brigades , the military wing of Hamas movement , warned Thursday that obstruction of Gaza reconstruction would be the spark of a new explosion in the whole region , and Israeli occupation is the only one who should hold responsible for it.

Qassam spokesman  Abu Ubaidah stated that  the Israeli occupation is responsible for obstruction of Gaza reconstruction and it would pay heavy price given it continues to do.

In a speech he delivered in a festival to memorize martyr leaders in the last Israeli offensive on Gaza,  Abu Ubaidah stressed that freedom fighters of Qassam brigades are ready to defend the Palestinian people and restore the Palestinian rights , adding that Israeli occupation must know that we are ready to pull the trigger if it continues to  obstruct Gaza reconstruction .

 He confirmed that the option of the gun will remain available  in the face of the Israeli occupation and Hamas will never accept to have the Palestinian people blackmailed by Israeli occupation .

" we  will not accept the return of the former situation  and continuity of the siege no matter what the circumstances and justifications are ."





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