Germany pushes towards investigations on Israel's recent aggression on Gaza

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  • 12:14 - 15 November 2014

BERLIN ( -- Spokesman for the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs Martin Shafer said that the German government believes that it is better to conduct a fair, objective and neutral investigation on the latest Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Shafer expressed his concerns over Israel's decision to prevent a Commission, formed by the United Nations Human Rights Council, from getting into the Gaza Strip for investigation, pointing out that he does not know whether this decision will have impact on the visit of the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, which is planned today on Saturday to the region.

Shafer said that the German minister wants to see himself the situation in the region, where the confrontations escalated in the past few weeks in East Jerusalem between the Palestinians and Israeli soldiers.

The German official stated that Steinmeier will visit Brussels on his way back from the Middle East to participate in a meeting held by the EU foreign ministers next Monday.


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