PLC delegation discusses Israeli aggression with Turkish Endowments Minister

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  • 13:43 - 15 November 2014

ANKARA ( -- Delegation from the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), headed by Dr. Ahmed Bahar, met the Turkish Minister of Awqaf and Endowments Dr. Mohammed Kormaz.

The Palestinian delegation conferred the recent Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and the devastation caused by the bombings, especially targeting mosques and Islamic facilities.

Dr. Ahmed Bahar expressed his heartfelt thanks to Turkey for its "blessed efforts in serving the Palestinian cause," stressing that Turkey represents a strategic depth in the back-up of the Palestinian people and Jerusalem.

Bahar extended his wishes that Turkey may be "strong, united and steadfast against all troubles so that it would keep supporting the oppressed peoples all over the world".

Dr. Mohammed Kormaz, the Turkish Minister, said that there is wide-range awareness among the Turks towards supporting the Palestinian people.

The Turkish minister promised to help re-build all the mosques, which were destroyed by the Israelis in the past, recent round of Israeli violence.


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